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“We need someone who is focused on our concerns, our issues … how we work and how we relate to our donors and fulfill our missions.”
-Steve Abrahamson, Vice President, Direct Response, National Audubon Society


Position Statement

Our positions on current public affairs issues include:

  • The Tax Reform Act of 2017 created an inequity that actually reduces the tax benefit to many middle-income Americans who make charitable contributions.  The nonprofit community believes this will discourage many generous people from making charitable gifts. The result could be a reduction in the funds charities receive to continue the vital services they provide in communities across the country. The Nonprofit Alliance believes the Universal Charitable Giving Act, introduced as identical legislation in both the House and Senate, encourages all Americans – regardless of their level of income – to support charitable causes.
  • We are ethical custodians of the data with which we are entrusted, understanding that donor trust is foundational to our work.  We use consumer data and third-party data providers to ensure our programmatic and fundraising marketing messages are delivered to those most likely to benefit – and, likewise, not to those who will not.  At times we also use consumer data, including aggregated depersonalized data, to assess need, measure our effectiveness, and better direct our resources to the people and places that need it the most. We rely on commercial data companies to maintain our data in secure environments at a level that many nonprofits could not afford to maintain on our own, certainly not without significantly reducing the funds we spend on direct mission work.  The Nonprofit Alliance supports responsible federal legislation that recognizes the value of data to nonprofit missions and creates a single set of national guidelines that will protect our donors and beneficiaries, as well as the critical work we do in local communities and around the world every day.
  • As part of a large coalition effort, we assert that subjecting the tax-exempt sector to UBIT on transportation and parking benefits diverts funds that would otherwise go toward valuable mission services.  The Nonprofit Alliance seeks full repeal of the 21 percent unrelated business income tax (UBIT) imposed on tax-exempt organizations under the Tax Cuts and Jobs Act.

Advocacy Updates

Check back for updates on our first Capitol Hill Day, April 10.

Get Involved

Like most disruptive organizations, we were born out of the determination that what has worked up until now is no longer enough.  We have to push beyond, get in front, and be all in. Are you ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with us to promote and protect the nonprofit sector?

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