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Although we are in our infancy as an organization, we have many exciting things happening right now and many more planned for the future. Following is a small sampling. With our members’ input, we will evolve over time to do even more. For starters …

A Comprehensive Industry Organization – Our goal is to be an all-inclusive industry organization. A united industry voice is a stronger voice. TNPA members will enjoy a more varied educational landscape and a unique networking environment.

Active and Ongoing Legislative Support – Like most disruptive organizations, we were born out of the determination that what has worked up until now is no longer enough.  We have to push beyond, get in front, and be all in. We know some of our members are ready to stand shoulder to shoulder with us to promote and protect the sector.  Others simply want to know that someone else will. TNPA members represent what is best for the nonprofit community. Stand tall and please carry on with your amazing work to change the world.  We’ve got your back.

A Robust, and Pertinent, Educational Offering – Our Educational Programming Committee is developing a full slate of educational offerings. This will include seminars, webinars, lunch programs, and conferences. As a national organization, our goal is to bring education opportunities to our members where they live and work.

Networking Opportunities – As with our educational offerings, we believe that networking, both nationally and on a more local level, is very important to share ideas, industry trends, and a general sense of pride in what we accomplish as an industry.

An Industry Resource – In time, as a member, you will be able to access a resource center of industry news and important documentation, including articles, white papers, training guides, ethics and standards documents by industry segment, a nationwide job listing, and specialized materials offered by TNPA corporate partners.

A Professional, Proactive Board and Staff – TNPA has been designed, developed, and staffed by industry professionals. You know us because we’re part of your community, and when people like you said, “Someone needs to do something,” we decided it was our turn to step up. The goal is to be the most comprehensive, united, and proactive voice for our industry. The TNPA board, committee chairs, and committee members came together under the realization that we urgently need one nationwide organization to champion us successfully into the future. This is for us, by us.

We don’t just want members. We’re looking for voices. Join us, add your voice, and be heard. It’s time.

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All members of The Nonprofit Alliance must confirm that they have read and accepted our Code of Standards & Ethics as a step in their enrollment.

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